One Minute's Video 2024: cracking

This call is an invitation to film the political potential of cracks as representing ambiguity, spaces where the boundary between the known and the unknown, the normal and the strange, is blurred. Finding cracks by filming a body, observing a landscape, seeing cracks in texture, recovering cracks in memory. To write stories where there has been nothing before, like the plants that crack the asphalt. The proposal is to create stories that unsettle the homogenising narratives created by colonial powers. A call to use an empty territory that allows us to play with narrative structures beyond linear logic.

The Open Call

One Minute’s video is an invitation to take the cameras, to film and to generate your own senses about a particular subject. It is an open call to create with your friends, alone or in virtuality. The video of the minute embraces the philosophy DIY/DIWT, free and easy creation, the domestic, the public, the collective … and the pleasure.

The videos received during the open call become a collective and kaleidoscopic piece that brings together different experiences around a starting idea. Every year we renew the invitation to film with a new thematic proposal.

One Minute’s Video is also an archive of free images that the participants have been nourishing since 1997 with their videos. This online archive invites to rereadand revision its contents in order to remain alive and vibrant.

Audiovisual piece’s requirements:

  • Be made by women, without limitation of age or nationality.
  • Stick to the topic proposed in the open call.
  • Digital format (.mov or .mp4).
  • One minute long.
  • Pieces containing discriminatory content will not be accepted.
  • Pieces containing advertising from companies, entities or groups will not be accepted.

Once you have filled this form, pieces must be sent before May 13th through WeTransfer to