One Minute's Video 2020: Utopias

It matters which stories create worlds, which worlds create stories.
Donna Haraway

Utopias as imaginary islands, as neighborhoods, as social and political systems, as autonomous zones… Utopias as ways of being in the world, relating to other beings… Utopias that can fit in a balcony, in a school, in a neighborhood… Utopias that are sown or that grow in the margins of the roads. Utopias in plural, far away from a total and totalitarian model.

This year we propose to create a video archive that explores possible, fantastic or hyper-realistic worlds. An imaginative exercise where we can represent societies that favor the sustainability of livable life.

Open Call

One minute’s video is an invitation that we extend to women all over the world, so they record different aspects of their reality that signifies them as subjects.

Women wanting to participate in this collective piece must send a one minute’s video that reflect on the proposed topic: UTOPIAS. These pieces will take part in the collective film that will be broadcasted publicly through the festivals and exhibitions coordinated by TRAMA (Coordinator of women-directed video, cinema and media festivals and exhibitions of Spain). The final film will take part in the public domain image archive that One minute’s video have nourished since 1997.

Audiovisual piece’s requirements

  • Be made by women, without limitation of age or nationality.
  • Stick to the topic proposed in the open call.
  • Digital format (.mov or .mp4).
  • One minute long.
  • Include in each work presented a final screen with the author’s name and place of residence.

Once you have filled this form, pieces must be sent before may the 10th through WeTransfer to